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Help me my God!

Psalm prayer by Margit Kresin (April 29, 2021) at a time when Covid-19 was spreading more and more and discord between people regarding masks, other restrictions and vaccinations was becoming louder.


Help me my God! The saints have decreased, and few among the   children of men are faithful. One talks lies and deceit to the other, they hypocrite and speak from a mixed heart. I don't understand the world anymore, it's so messed up. I'm afraid help me, my lord! Have mercy on us.

Jesus: I love you and I am with you always.
         Remember whatever happens
         You're not alone!
         I comfort and protect you.
Father: You are my child.
          Don't despair.
          Be brave and strong.
Jesus:Do not be afraid!
         But be careful!
         Look ahead,
         Never lose heart!
         I am with you, do not leave you.
         I stand by your side, trust me
         Do not hesitate.
Father: Call me in need.
         I am with you and
        I will not let you falter.
         I protect you -
        I sleep and do not slumber!

         I am the YHWH your God.
         I am Eternal as it was in the beginning
         So also now and for all eternity.
         I protect you from all evil.
        I am with you in the darkness.
         I guard your soul.

         I guard your entrance and your exit,
         As it was in the beginning,
        so it is now and forever.        

Jesus: You are MINE,
         Nothing and no one can
        separate us from each other.

         You are God's child
         And you will be like me,
         when I become apparent
         Because you will see me as I am.
         you are mine and I am yours,
         You're never alone.
Father: The time is near
          The time is near - very near!
          Go into my hiding place,
          Enter my shelter. .
          Listen to my voice -
          Listen to my call.

Jesus: Put on the spiritual armor,
         Love your neighbor as thyself,,
         Keep the commandments..
         Put on the breastplate of justice -–
         You have been made righteous
        by my death on the cross
         Put on the belt of truth

         And be ready to serve me. .
         Lace up the shoes of readiness—
         Proclaim the coming kingdom on earth.
        Put on the helmet of salvation,
         Grab the shield of faith to ward
        off the arrows of evil.
         Hold onto your sword - the sword of the word

         And be ready to fight the spiritual
        enemy with the help of the Word.
         Always keep in touch with me,

         Do nothing without my command.

Father: Don't do anything you don't see me doing
          Open your ears and follow
         the still voice of the Holy Spirit –

Jesus: My sheep hear my voice,
         Yes, my followers know my voice.
         You are mine - I am yours.
         Take my hand and follow me.
         Get ready.
         Follow me!
Father: I am with you, do not leave you.
          I stand by your side, believe in me
          Do not hesitate, accept Jesus as
         your Savior and
          Be strong and brave!

​          Be of good cheer and quite undaunted,
          Pay attention to my commandments.
          Get ready!
     * Go in peace! *
(Psalm 12:2-3; Psalm 121; Ephesians 6; Exodus 20; John 10:27; Phil 3:10; Josh 1:6; 1 Peter 4:6)

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