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Romans 8:32

"God did not spare his own Son. He gave him up for us all. Then won't he also freely give us everything else?" (NIRV)

People of God, that you want to be healed, be blessed, or are seeking the fruits of the womb should not be the reason why you run to God. If you base your relationship with Jesus Christ on these, you will keep running after men of God without a solution. And if there is any, it is oftentimes temporary, because your belief is on the blessings and not on the giver of the blessings. When the Holy Spirit that helps in maintaining the blessing is not present, the said blessing cannot stand the test of time. Remember the blessings of God attract persecution, envy, jealousy, hatred, name calling. That notwithstanding, the spirit of God is always there to see you through. This does not mean that you will not be tempted. And when it happens, the giver of the blessings will not allow them to be snatched from you. Always see the reason beyond your blessings. Remember someone is watching to see how you will maintain your blessings. Many who were wealthy yesterday are today poor because they did not see beyond their blessings and consequently lost them.

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