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Invitation - Message by ABBA -26.2.21

My beloved child!

“Go to the house of Israel and tell them My words!” (Ezekiel 3: 4)

This word, which was given to My prophet Ezekiel at that time, also applies to you, because you also belong to the people of Israel. - Some of you are direct offspring from the northern tribes of Israel, perhaps without knowing it, and thus belong to the lost sheep that Jesus spoke of over and again. - Others are like the people who voluntarily joined the Israelites when they left Egypt, because through your faith in Jesus Christ, your Savior and Redeemer, you were freed from Satan's captivity and grafted into the house (people) of Israel.

You my child have an assignment:

· Proclaim My Words!

· Share the good news of the coming kingdom on earth.

· Preach and evangelize.

· Invite people to believe in salvation through Jesus Christ, My Son.

· Show the way of rescue of Jesus.

· Encourage repentance.

You people still have time to woo my kingdom in heaven and on earth. Invite everyone to the wedding of My Beloved Son - no matter who - the man on the street, the refugee, the starving, the beggar, the widows and orphans - everyone, because soon you will celebrate the wedding of the Lamb (Jesus) and his bride .

Go and announce my words to them.

In love, your heavenly Father,

the eternal and only GOD,

the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob



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