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Message from our Father: April 9th, 2020 (7 o'clock)

My children! YOU are My beloved children. I have heard your nation's prayers. I am with you and with your supplication. Jesus, my firstborn son, has redeemed you. You are released from Satan's bondage. Jesus brought you out - out of your "Egypt". You were drawn through the “Red Sea” by his blood: but now it is time to clean oneself - to decontaminate oneself. Get rid of contaminated sites. Put aside all sin, conscious and unconscious. Be born again through water and through the Spirit. I gave you the TEN COMMANDMENTS (Exodus 20). Jesus told you: “You should not think that I came to dissolve the law (Torah = 5 books of Moses) or the prophets. I did not come to dissolve, but to fulfill! For verily, I say to you: until heaven and earth have passed away, not a letter or a single line will pass from the law until everything has happened. (Matt 5,17-18) Keep my commandments, especially the first and fourth commandments. I alone am your God and no one else. Let go of all baals and branches. Turn away from false gods. Also now for the Passover; why are you celebrating Easter? Do you not know that you are honoring the fertility goddess with this? Come out of "Babylon" / "Egypt"! Get out of all the pagan customs! Keep My Sabbath. Don't you see I am hiding your ABBA in the word S abba t. Even more meaning emerges in Hebrew and Aramaic. Don't you see it (More about the word Shabbat שַׁבָּת see below.) Repent, turn back to me! Much blood has flown - through wars, through abortions, through oh-so-useless killing. I created man and woman as a couple. Honor marriage. Cleanse - decontaminate yourselves. Repent, turn back to me! You are in the time of great tribulation. Don't be fooled! Prepare yourselves! Put on all your armor (Ephesians 6: 11-20) and stand under the blood of Jesus every day. Accept Jesus as your King; Follow his path of truth, which leads to eternal life and to me.

You cannot step into my holiness, meet me before you have cleansed yourselves and your land. Repent, turn back to me! In love Your ABBA ----- Shin ש means: eating, consuming fire, destruction, peace, supply or victory. The shin also stands for conversion and repentance and reconciliation Bet ב stands for house or tent and refers to our inner temple, where the Holy Spirit enters when we are born again. Our Abba wants to live in our temple. Taw ת stands for the cross and is the sign or the covenant, the covenant, the marking, the seal and the eternity.



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