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Message from our Father: August 1st, 2020

My beloved children, In the coming month, many believers think only of themselves and rest, vacation, sunshine and leisure. I, the LORD, grant my children rest and relaxation, but I ask them to use the time to look for me: in the word, in creation, in conversations with me and their friends and family members. Every day is also a day of preparation, because this is the calm before the next storm. There will be many changes to come. The next steps are heralded. The angels are ready to carry out my orders. Unfortunately, not all of my children are in the starting blocks. Remember you are in the last leg of your relay race. Are you ready to take over the relay and finish your run? Are you ready to give everything for Me to confess that you are followers of My only begotten Son Jesus? Prepare for it internally and externally. You are in the end times, now everything is quickly following one another. Learn to become warriors for Jesus. You are in a spiritual battle. Put on your spiritual armor every day (Eph 6:10 ff); always be ready. I am with you every day. Believe in My Son, keep my commandments and abide in our love. Anyone who has an ear can hear. Your ABBA YHWH

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