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Outlook for the year 2021 - Commit your works to YHWH

Commit your works to the Lord, and your project will be successful. (Proverbs 16: 3)

The year 2020 is ending and we think of the coming year with fear and horror. In short, 2020 was exhausting. We were under a siege from an invisible enemy. The crown-wearing virus with the strange name Corona - the crown - or Covid-19 - terrified us. The people are panic-stricken.

  • Will the siege now end or will we speak of Covid-20 in the coming year because mutations have formed. Will the panic grow and put even more pressure on people?

  • Will the fear and distress soon end? Will vaccination be the solution?

Hope and trust in God our Lord and our Eternal Father is getting less. The people do not longer rely on the measures already given in the Bible, such as washing your hands, keeping your distance and putting a cloth over your mouth (wearing a mask) and fresh air (2. Mo 30: 18-20; 3. Mo 13: 45-46 ; Leviticus 13: 4-5). No, they want to see an end. Their patience has run out and hope now rests solely on science.

Others do not even believe in the disease and the simple protective measures, putting even more people at risk. Where is faith, hope, love, and our trust in and in our almighty and only GOD and his Son, Jesus, our Savior?

When Moses went up the mountain to talk to God, the Israelites were waiting below. They were afraid of God's presence. All of Mount Sinai was smoking because the Lord came down in fire. And its smoke rose like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain shook violently. (Exodus 19:18) They sent Moses up to God alone. He should negotiate your position with God. They were afraid of GOD. They sent Moses. He should be her savior. Moses can be seen as a type of Jesus, our Savior and Leader. (Likewise, Joseph, Noah, and Joshua are each a type or model of Jesus).

During the time when Moses was negotiating with our GOD YHWH, the people became impatient and built the golden calf. They took everything they had brought with them in gold, silver and ore before the exodus from Egypt and what was intended by GOD for the building of the tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant, and they built their substitute God - the golden calf - and worshiped it. They sacrificed their treasures for something visible and not so frightening and, above all, something they knew to worship. They did not entrust their works to the Eternal God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but trusted in their manual skills and in what they had got to know in Egypt, i.e. they trusted in a self-made "pagan" god. They grew impatient and most of the Israelites gave in to the pressure, and joined in. They danced and cheered with the leaders, who were actually the biggest panic makers and who were scarred to death.

I am quite provocative this time and am asking the following questions: What are we doing? What do we worship? What do we rely on? What is driving us on at the moment? Is it the fear of a virus? Do we trust science only? Where is our faith? - I would argue that most of us nowadays orientate ourselves more towards what science has found out, what it has created for us, what it proposes, than asking for GOD'S will and waiting for His intervention. I will say right away that I have studied myself and I know that the sciences have opened many doors for us. I take off my hat to every doctor, every nurse, every researcher who is trying to find solutions to stop illnesses and diseases and who try to help the sick. I know what I'm talking about, because my life was often at stake and I am grateful for every quick human help that I have received, however, I can thank my GOD YHWH all the more, because He was behind every helper and from onset of the emergencies He was at my side. He was healing, comforting and saving me.

When I got amoebic dysentery, the doctors did not immediately know what I had. I was put on a drip, given five different types of antibiotics - just to make sure some drug would hopefully work. GOD YHWH was always by my side. He sent for instance my mother, who lived 2000 kilometers away, to visit us shortly before the outbreak of my illness. Thus she was able to take care of my children immediately. I trusted ABBA. He stood by the doctors and after a week finally let them know the cause of my so drastic weight loss, what I had. They found the antidote they needed.

The other time, He sent me to see a family doctor with my young son. I thought that my son was sick, but my doctor looked at me and immediately sent me to the hospital as he had seen from the change in my skin color that I was in danger, not my son. I had African tick fever and because I was only concerned for my child's health, I had not realized that I needed urgent help. GOD used my son to sent me to the doctors surgery. Again, I fought for my life. I was in the fever delirium for over six weeks. Repeatedly I woke up bathed in sweat. Between sleeping and waking up, I shouted to GOD and asked Him for help. Psalm 121 became my constand prayer. I wanted to rely on my Heavenly Father. It was not always easy, but during this time, I learned to hold onto my GOD even more and to trust HIM and His Son Jesus. I begged for my life. I wanted to take care of my little family and be there for them. I promised GOD to serve Him, if He would give me the chance.

GOD is my hope. He healed me mentally and physically. GOD is our DOCTOR. He is YHWH Rapha.

My GOD will be by our side and me also in the next year 2021. He will carry us through this time of siege by the virus. I am looking forward to the next Passover in March and the next Pentecost.

Will we have to wait patiently for GOD to intervene? Or will we ourselves create our own solution and may be even substitute God? GOD let the Israelites know, through Moses, that they should wait for Moses return. They should keep themselves holy and calm. However, they gave up hope and built the golden calf. They no longer trusted in GOD, but in their own works.

We should wait for Jesus to return. Waiting includes patience, faith, hope, love, trust, and again patience. We are waiting for GOD'S intervention. We command GOD YHWH our works, every day anew, and so not only our project, but also above all HIS project will succeed.

GOD wants us to trust HIM completely. Jesus our King and Savior is coming soon. In the meantime let us do his works and act on his example. Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans. (Proverbs 16:3)


- - -

* I served in various Christian schools for fourteen years, then ABBA withdrew me from this service and took me into His personal, intensive school of faith, i.e. He guided me through His Word in His special way and explained His view to me with the help of the Holy Spirit. Since last year, I have been serving HIM as a blogger and as an author, as a prophetic ambassador and teacher.



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