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1 Thessalonians 5:14-18. People of God, when you look at how many battles God has fought for you in life, you will find many reasons to appreciate Him for manifesting His strength in your weakness and giving you victory. Learning to appreciate God for the little things of your everyday life gives you the contentment you need to trust Him in difficult times. The Bible makes us understand that troubles are to teach us to be consistent and persistent in prayer. Many Christians today, worry, cry, complain and murmur everyday about their situation, because their lives are centred on how they are doing, feeling and how they are treated. They fail to appreciate God for the little things He does for them every day; forgetting that such little things make life full and free. For example, if you ask many people why they did not go to church today, they would say they had no Sunday clothes or Sunday shoes, or they did not have fuel in their car; forgetting that there are many, even outside the church right now and even in the streets with no arms or limbs. Many complain that life is unfair to them, because they have no job, whereas there are many others in the hospitals wanting to give all their wealth and riches away for good health. One of the satanic tactics and strategies is to get you to doubt God’s goodness. He wants you to continue asking for what you don’t have and would not want you to ‘’ thank you’’, for what you have – being alive. If you are wrestling with doubt, attend a living church and stay close to other living Christians. Resist the temptation to isolate yourself because doubt feeds on loneliness. That is why you have to stay close to other Christians.



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