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No matter where you are

No matter where you are,

I'm with you,

because you are mine

and i am yours


We have entered into the bond of marriage

And nothing and nobody can separate us from each other.

The time of waiting is over

the time for perseverance is over.

Happy we are united

And are allowed to go through life together.


I had prepared your apartment

And you finally moved into her.

Do you like her, my love?

Do you like her, my bride?


I want you to feel safe and comforted.

I want to give you what you missed in the world.


pink peonies
Jewelry close-up

You are my pearl,

Every tear you cried

I have collected

and formed you from it.


Your crying is over!

I just want to see your joy.


you found the peace

no, you found my peace.

Come rest with me

stay here in my arms

and feel my heartbeat

feel what i feel for you


Feel accepted just the way you are.

give me your time

and step into my presence.

command me your ways

this is how we will go through life together.


Come to me, my beloved bride.

Show me your beauty, your inner beauty.

The blood has washed you clean

and you can shine

like the purest ray of sunshine.


We are one:

You, the bride - so beautiful -

and I your bridegroom.


I love you. Amen

( Margit Kresin © 21.1.2020)

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