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I'm with you!

Beloved Bride!

I'm with you.

You shall want for nothing.

All in good time.

Step by step

And one step at a time.

Together we will make it.

rely on my help.

you are my bride

and I will always be near you.


Believe me.

listen to my voice

I am your shepherd

And I walk with you day by day

hour after hour.


you know, just like me

neither the exact time nor hour,

for only the Father knows. He reveals the times to us

and now it's time for the final preparations.


Is your robe ready? –

Washed white and dried on the fuller field?

Do you keep ABBA's commandments?

Do you keep my commandments of charity?

Do you fast and pray

withdrawn in your little room?

Do you have time for your Almighty God?


never forget that you are alive

was God's own idea

he wanted you to live in this time

that you are working and serving him at this time.


You are His ambassador

you are his daughter

you are his beloved child

hold tight to him

and you won't fall any lower

than in His great and almighty hand.


Back then before my death on the cross,

I felt alone and abandoned

but he – our ABBA – was there.

his heart broke

when he had to sacrifice me.

But this was his way

you beloved bride, free to buy.

It is finished!


So look boldly ahead

don't look back, look at the cross,

look to God Almighty Creator,

the sky and the earth.


Take my hand,

I'll show you the WAY

I lead you into the TRUTH,

I lead you to eternal LIFE.

Hard times are coming for you

I feel for you beloved bride

and i wish i could you

take away all suffering, all sorrow,

but unfortunately no.

As the prophets foretold to you

that's how it will happen.

your Jesus

 Margit Kresin 2020 ©

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