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4 Elements

On January 4th, 2023 I heard the LORD: “Do you hear the wind, my child? The little hurricane – restless, restless and on the move?”

He began to explain:

“There will be a number of storms in 2023. The storms are meant to fix things. There will be another time of purification. I will bring about a purification through the 4 elements - water, air, fire and earth. I mess everything up and whirl everything like a hurricane (tornado). After that, my divine order will become visible.

I will test you through the 4 elements - fire, earth, water and wind.

Through Fire: My fire shatters self-confidence. You will be purified and you will learn to shed your ego and self righteousness. Didn't Jesus tell you to put your cross on you and follow him? If you let yourself be purified, your thirst for action and your zest for life will be rekindled. You will accept me as your source of warmth and light and become a light for your neighbor yourself.

Through Water: Last year you experienced what purification with water. There was flooding last year. The people in the Ahr Valley (Germany) depended on the help of their neighbors near and far. You have learned to help others - financially, with words and deeds. This was already an important learning experience. But, just as I can send too much water, I can cause too little water to be sent. The result would be drought. Consider letting the water of life fill you daily. Read in my word daily. Life is not possible without water. You will not survive without living water as your faith diminishes.

Through the earth: I will move the earth. There will be tremors and earthquakes. Remember my promise at Isaiah 54:10 "Mountains may fall and hills shake, but my love for you will never be shaken, and my covenant of peace with you will never be shaken." I promise, the Lord, who has compassion on you!” Be rooted to the earth. Remember, in stillness lies the power (my power) hidden. Do not be afraid, but seek groundedness. I am your anchor

Through Wind: My church needs to know that the storms are indeed opening the birth canal for the great revival. For the storms that are coming are righteous storms of righteousness that will cleanse the atmosphere of the enemy's schemes and are deeply rooted in the nations. The storms are not directed against the Church or the righteous, but are designed to dethrone kings and strip people of the power and influence they have abused. The coming storms will set my people free and set things right. The whirlwinds will bring you renewed energy and contentment. You will be filled with fresh lightness and freedom.”

I felt the Lord speak to you and me of courage right now:

Don't be afraid of 2023. Don't look at things around you the wrong way. The storm you see will be for you - it will lift you up and propel you to the places you need to go. The storm you see will position you - where I want you. It will turn self-confidence into trust in God.

I asked how best we should behave and God graciously answered:

"You know it: return to your first love, repent, and keep my commandments. Accept the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). I especially want to encourage you to read Matthew 5:5. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the land!” Be kind, kind, good-natured and compassionate, be courageous and strong, and above all, do not murmur against Me your God, lest you become like the people of Israel in the desert at the Exodus from Egypt.

I am the Lord your God. I'll put everything back in its proper order. I make everything new. I am establishing my kingdom on earth under Jesus' rulership.

Do not be afraid. Believe, otherwise you will not stand. I will test you through the four elements. You will be purified, shaken, washed and re-rooted. Stay in my love."

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