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Time is running out! - Message from ABBA - 2.1.21

My child!

Time moves on, the clock is ticking.

Look ahead, not back.

Follow Jesus in everything you do

dedicate your life to Me, your eternal GOD.

Purify yourself, sanctify yourself,

keep my orders and commandments.

Time is running out, it is advancing quickly.

Jesus, My Son, is your Redeemer;

he has delivered you from all evil;

he severed the chains of the enemy

and cut the enemy's nets in two.

He calls to you: “Follow me!

I am the way, the truth and the life.

Nobody comes to the Father but through me.”(Jn 14: 6)

Jesus is your shepherd.

He leads you on a safe path; carries you when it gets too difficult for you.

His staff and staff protect you; he and his angels are at your side;

because only he knows the way.

He himself has already walked this path.

The road is rocky - the road is difficult;

but it is the only way that brings you to me,

your loving Father and one and only God.

Repent and repent of your actions

and no matter how small -

the little lie, the wrong word

repent and bring everything to the cross of Golgotha;

let yourself be thoroughly cleansed with the blood of Jesus shed.

Sanctify yourself!

Let your vessel - your heart - renew

so that I can move in with My Holy Spirit.

Let your stone heart be changed into a heart of flesh

let my commandments and instructions find space in you

and change you - from the inside out.

Let yourself be renewed and changed from the ground up.

In Jesus you are born again;

you become a new creature - you become My child;

you will learn to hear and obey my voice.

Nothing and no one can separate you from My love (Romans 8:39).

You are my child - I am your father.

The way it was, the way it is now and the way it will be

and ever forever.

Make up your mind today!

Time moves on, the clock is ticking louder.

Choose Jesus, accept him as your Savior,

surrender your life to him and follow him.

I am waiting for you. I am looking forward to you to receive you with open arms.

With love, your father

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