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A prophetic word for Germany (Revival - Birth - Something New)

(given February 2016, confirmed May 2022)

There will be a revival in Germany. God had mercy on Germany in 1517 and Martin Luther and other reformers started a huge revival and faith movement over 500 years ago. Man is justified by faith - that's what the Bible says in Paul's letter to the Romans. Many people learned that God loves us and that we are saved from purgatory by grace and Jesus' death, which was preached again and again at the time.

God wants to resurrect Germany (and other countries and continents) and this time with twice the power for twice the harvest. Faith in God, the Father, in Jesus Christ, God's Son our Lord, and the power of the Holy Spirit have "fallen asleep" and are no longer taken seriously. In the last few centuries, Christians have fallen into a state of dormancy: they have withdrawn into their cocoons like a caterpillar. The Christian faith has fallen asleep, but now the time has come for faith in our only true God and His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to awaken from metamorphosis, begin to hatch and rise to reignite faith. The truth about God's existence and His infinite love must be recognized and proclaimed. The word of God, its valuable commandments must again be explained and experienced clearly and distinctly, so that people can be led back onto the path of truth and love through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Our just God wants to meet people and touch them with his love and grace. He wants to lead people back to the Garden of Eden - in His immediate vicinity. God wants to revitalize Germany (but also other countries and continents), bring breath (breath of life) into the people so that they come alive again (Ezekiel 37) and draw them closer to himself again.

Vision of many pregnant women

During worship in February 2016, Jesus asked me to dance. We waltzed and I felt like a bride. Then I suddenly felt severe abdominal pain. I cried out and asked him in horror, "What was that?" He lovingly replied, "What does this remind you of?" I immediately thought of the births of my children. Jesus nodded and then said: “I also felt this pain on the cross. At that time I also gave birth to something new. I carried your salvation on the cross. You were redeemed from Satan's captivity by my death on the cross and my resurrection on the third day. If you believe in me, give your life to me, you too will be reborn.” I could only nod my head in confirmation. He took me in his arms again and whispered to me. "There will be an even greater birth." And then he showed me a lot of hills all over Germany. They looked like pregnancy bumps. “Women carry twins within them, for the time of the double harvest is coming.” I looked questioningly at Jesus our Lord. “The time of the spiritual mothers is coming soon. They will bring about a great revival. This will also be the case in Germany.” I was happy and wanted to start thanking him, but he continued: “But the time of labor will continue. Think of your births that even had to be induced. It will be painful and many would prefer to stop or abort the birth. But abortion had never been in my interest. Humanity will also feel these labor pains. Much suffering will come upon the land. Many people will scold God, but most will beg God for help. And God will help. The birth will take place.” Happily, I finished my dance with Jesus. Afterwards I immediately told the church in Rinteln about this vision. Jesus didn't give me any specific dates, but when the sign of the Virgin appeared in the sky on September 23, 2017 and I was reminded of Revelation 12, I saw this as another sign. God confirms his statements at least twice, mostly through different testimonies or scriptures. We cannot predict God's exact timetable, but the image was confirmed again two years later (2019).

Dream about twin pregnancy

On September 13, 2019 I dreamed about a twin pregnancy. Just before I woke up, I was given the task of telling my husband that I was pregnant with twins. (I my age? 60?) My husband was amazed, but he knew right away that this probably meant a spiritual pregnancy. I heard about the time of the double harvest from other prophets and began to understand other signs better.


1. It is precisely through the birth of twins that God shows us that, above all, he wants to bring about double blessings and complete healing in families. In this way, one person in the family will take the first step with Jesus and stand up for Jesus and our Heavenly Father. She will grow in faith and confront and infect the other members of the house with the truth of God. God wants families to grow. He wants families to be fruitful, to stand up for him in faith. Abortions took place in many families, not only physical but also spiritual. The unborn child was not carried to term and the belief in our heavenly father and his son was hushed up.

2. The standing up of one person per household (family) for God and His righteousness can lead to disputes and friction. It's like a real pregnancy where the woman has to struggle with the change in hormones and the man and the rest of the family can only cope with the changes to a limited extent. When the discrepancies have been overcome, you can look forward to the NEW - the change - and look forward to it.

3. Nobody will be able to stay neutral anymore. Everyone will have to decide for or against God, because God wants to create clear conditions. In this process, many people will be led to Christ as quickly as possible.

4. We will see that people will turn to God again, they will worship and ask for help. They will no longer want to pray alone in small rooms, but will begin to meet in small groups in public and pray together. This is already happening in churches, or online, but it's going to increase tremendously. 5. As we have noticed over the past few years, we will go through hard times (times of tribulation). We are plagued by disease, famine, natural disasters as described in Matthew 24, but these are all part of the birth pangs and pains.

6. Giving birth takes time, but then it usually happens very quickly. God called and trained many prophets and apostles (God's ambassadors) for this time. Like midwives they will accompany the birth - the revival. 7. The Spirit of God will be poured out on people (Joel 2:28-32) and there will be miracles, healings and signs. People will literally experience heavenly encounters and they will long for more encounters with God. People will see visions and have dreams, others will gain wisdom and knowledge by reading the Bible. God wants to meet us. When all these signs appear, the great revival - the great birth of the new will have begun.

And today I share with you that it has already begun and you are a part of this revival of God. Amen Be blessed, your Margit

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