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Get up and go!

I am the Lord your God!

I am who I am.

I, the LORD, speak to you and call to you: Get up and go! It's time, the time is near. However, stay in ME, don't move out of my circle. I surround you with My Love, with My Protection. I am your castle, your rampart; I am your support, your anchor and My wings cover you.

NOTHING and NOBODY - I repeat: NOTHING and NOBODY can harm you because you are My child. You are my child and I love you.

You have great tasks ahead of you; it seems that there are great, insurmountable mountains in front of you, but you will overcome them, because I am with you - always, My rod and staff comfort you.

You will cross the Jordan with Me, doors will open unexpectedly, and you will experience tremendous things.

There will be a lot of talking and discussion, it will be very restless around you, but you can be calm, be calm in me. With Me you will find true rest, the true Sabbath.

Go on, keep going, don't give up, look ahead.

Messiah's kingdom is now being built. You will experience it. You're in. You will share and you will find My Peace everlasting.

I say to you: “Be brave and strong. Abide in Me and do not stray from the path. Proclaim the Good News of Faith, Hope, Love, Peace and Tranquility. Embark on the journey of life with Me and take the kingdom on earth with Me!”

In love

Your Father


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