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On the way with Jesus - Part 4 - LAND IN SIGHT!

Today I would like to go on a discovery tour to Eckernförde. On July 1, 2022, my daughter and I made our way to Eckernförde. It had rained a little during the night and the clouds were still in the sky. The tent construction of the previous day was worth it despite all the hardships (see part 3)

It took us about forty minutes to drive from the Kiel-Falkenstein campsite to the lighthouse. So in Bible times it would have been a day's journey away. If I had walked, it would have taken me two days.

In Eckernförde we first went to the beach and looked at the sea, walked over the sand as water and wanted to put our feet in the water, but we held back, because there was still a long way to go and it is known to walk in shoes not very well.

After a short break we continued to the lighthouse. We were a bit disappointed. He seemed a bit small and lost. Out at sea we saw some naval ships lying, but also some other ships and boats passing by. In the harbor was an old cutter with a high mast and a lookout basket, just like the ones always depicted in Asterix and Obelix. I had to laugh. How could I be thinking about Asterix and Obelix here? The little and the big warrior from the Gallic village. The Gauls were particularly strong thanks to their "magic potion". Do we Christians also have a “magic potion”? No, we have the power of the Holy Spirit.

When it started raining, we made our way back to the car. On the way we saw a huge colorful rose bush. It bloomed multicolored and caught our attention.

We then drove by car for the umpteenth time along the Jungfernstieg (yes, there is one here too and not only in Hamburg) to the tourist information. We selected some large and clear postcards for my father. He had studied road construction here in Eckernförde and would have liked to accompany us both women, but for health reasons he had to wait in the old age home for our return and our travel reports.

It was noon and since the weather still hadn't cleared up completely, we chose a restaurant nearby. "Land in sight". It looked promising and I already felt what the Lord wanted to show me with this selection. So, spiritually speaking, Jesus' ark was so close that one could shout out "land in sight". Unfortunately, I wasn't able to explain this to my daughter very well. It is not always so easy to convey God's prophetic messages. Three rainbow flags had been hoisted in front of the restaurant. The rainbow still stands for me as the sign of the covenant God made to Noah and the remnant after the Flood. In modern times, however, the rainbow flags unfortunately have a very different meaning. I felt that God wanted to show me His faithfulness and His glory.

After the meal we could go for a walk on the beach again. Here we discovered a large metal fish, on which the locks of the lovers hung. The fish, a sign of the Christian faith, and the promise of love naturally appealed to me. It is so nice to be on the road together with Jesus and to discover special signs and messages from God everywhere. Was that how Jesus felt when he first came?

But more signs were to be revealed to us: We ran to the water, but suddenly we both exclaimed almost simultaneously: "Jellyfish!". The beach was overlooked on the shore with an infinite number of jellyfish. Why were they there? Was that normal? Why had they been washed ashore from the sea? I thought of the jellyfish from South Africa on the Indian Ocean. The tentacles of the blue jellyfish touched me as a teenager. I felt a kind of electric shock and immediately her poison entered my body. With the last of my strength I made it to the lifeguards. They had a tincture that helped immediately, but advised us to keep an eye on everything and go to the hospital in an emergency.

So what did all these jellyfish (German = Quallen) on the beach of Eckernförde mean. What danger threatens this place? What torment (German = Qual) does God want to warn us about? Jellyfish are cnidarians (nettle animals) and I was reminded of the phrase: "Sit in the nettles". This idiom means putting yourself in an awkward situation or embarrassing yourself." You can often get yourself in trouble because of your loose mouth. I'm still wondering who that might mean. Who makes a fool of themselves, who puts themselves in an awkward position or who behaves awkwardly? Does this message affect me personally, my family, Eckernförde, Germany (or the world)? Right next to it we saw Eckard Kowalke's four-meter-high Eckernförde Nixe (mermaid). She radiates vitality and fertility and seems to have just stepped out of the sea. I immediately thought of the fertility goddess Astarte. I shuddered: jellyfish, mermaid, fertility. I was speechless. After some "proof photos" we went back to the car.

We drove back thoughtfully in the late afternoon. We had seen and experienced a lot. Before we let the day end quietly, I wrote down a few details in my diary.

Dear reader, maybe you feel the same way. You plan a trip, you plan the day and in doing so you discover beautiful things or ugly things, you see things that please or displease God. If we walk with open eyes and ears, but above all with open eyes and ears, we discover God's world. Our God speaks to us. He speaks to our senses. It speaks to our soul and spirit. The Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit) connects with our spirit and suddenly new perspectives open up. In a 2012 dream, God asked me to change my perspective, to see the world through His eyes. The longer I practice it, the more I understand Him, feel with Him, recognize His truth and can also understand His word better.

Have you already had such experiences? Just write to me and tell me about your experiences. If you have any insights into my adventures with Jesus, I would be very happy if you would help me to understand and interpret what I experienced correctly.

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