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PROPHECIES FOR NATIONS - Released on 28th of September 2021


We all are crying, because of the air pollution or so-called current pandemic, which is obviously the trick or game from Satan and his agents. Even many have lost their dear ones through this dangerous game. No doubt about it, this is one of the signs of the end-times that God permitted for a purpose. Another game from the devil is warming up, which is going to come in form of strange insects with poisonous stings. They will be released and will begin to sting people; only God can rescue their victims from death! God permitted certain things to happen to the Israelites for a purpose during their hard times in a foreign land. If God permits this strange insect to be released from the pit of hell, it is for a purpose. And nothing out of God's control will happen to His children. In all this, my confidence and joy rests upon God's promise for His children - which goes thus: "In times of trouble and distress, I will be with those who worship Me in spirit and in truth", says the Lord. This is my confidence! This is my hope! As genuine Christians, this is our confidence and hope, during this time of great trials and temptations.

2. THIS PROPHECY IS FOR YOUTHS ALL OVER THE WORLD: CALAMITY ON QUICK MONEY-MAKING! A time is fast approaching when the so-called smart, intelligent, and deceptive games of “Quick to make money”, “Sit at home and make money”, “Use your gadgets to deceive people to get money from them" will no longer be business as usual. Many strange things will begin to happen to their leaders and followers that will discourage the upcoming youths from following their footsteps. Now, this dirty game has moved from "This plus" to "That plus, plus".

However, now God says that judgement is coming to these dirty games, and it will become a "No-Go Area" for those who are doing them all over the world.

Parents, please warn your children. Let them look for something better to do than these deadly games. God says He will bless the works of our hands, which we do in truth, sincerity, obedience and fear of Him, our creator. Because strange things will begin to happen that will make many youths to withdraw from these dirty games. The only way out of the coming danger is for youths to withdraw and begin to seek the face of God. The judgement that is coming will be too dangerous to bear among the youths who are playing these deceptive games. A word is enough for the wise.

3. BOTSWANA Botswana should pray hard for God's intervention so that the government that will take them back to "SQUARE ONE" will not come up.

Our prayer for Botswana is that God should not permit any upcoming government to be used by a strange spirit to work against the interest of the people of Botswana and the nation at large. When I say, "strange spirit", I mean, the spirit that does not want the progress and development of Botswana at all. Botswana needs prayer, just as other countries of the world need prayer.


The desire of every nation of the world is to be at the top and not at the bottom. The country, Germany is positioning herself for promotion. God wants to surprise Germany as a nation, because she is busy retracing her steps towards the right channel. In the nearest future, Germany will rise to the top of the world map. There is nothing anybody can do about it; it is the promise of God, it is the will of God. How this will happen is already programmed in God's master plan. The president should listen to this message and begin to work in line with God's project. Otherwise, destiny can shift or change position if care is not taken.

We are praying for God's intervention in Germany.


Take note: The promise of God Almighty for every country is to be at the top and never at the bottom, as long as God permits. Because a nation can only be in a position of power and authority no longer than God permits. But because of selfish, classic, and material reasons, which are contrary to God's will, many nations are now under God's anger. Before now, America used to be God's own nation, but today, it is a different story entirely. If God opens your eyes to see the handwriting on the wall concerning the nation of America, you will agree with me that, America needs prayers more than any other country in this world. God is supposed to continue to be the One in charge of everything that has to do with America, just as it was in the early days of America. Those days, when you talk about America, the next thing you will say is, 'God is great!'. But today, the question many are asking is, what is happening to America as a nation? The top of the mountain where America is standing for many years is now very, very slippery. Let us pray so that America will not slip from the top to the bottom. The present leader is a good man, but he needs prayers. Because, apart from him being the leader, there is another 'him' stronger that is stronger than him. And the flag of America is already in the hands of that 'him' that is stronger than him, who does not want light to shine again upon America. The way out is for America to retrace her steps back to God as it was in those days. Otherwise, story will change from A to Z; from top to bottom; from hero to zero.

We are praying for America.



Nigeria is struggling to enter the new Jerusalem - the promised land, full of milk and honey. God said that, before the new Jerusalem will emerge, many big trees will fall and many small trees will rise. Those who are encouraging and indulging in activities contrary to the will of God by shedding innocent blood will start traveling one by one. Their flight tickets have been purchased and their journey has been programmed by the creator of the Universe. The question now is: Where are they traveling to? Only God knows. Remember that the cry of the innocent blood has reached the ears of God. Very soon, you will be hearing shocking news. Still on the case of Nigeria. It is true that the handwriting on the wall demands for agitation, worries and desire to part ways. This one wants to be alone. That one wants to go be independent of the other. But the question now is: Is it the will of God Almighty? Please allow God to permit this strong desire to go this way or that way before you agitate for it, because the flag of Nigeria as a nation is still in the hands of God. Indeed, new Nigeria is coming, but it will not be on a platter of gold. As Nigerians, ask yourselves this question: Would the new Nigeria come in a peaceful way or in a violent way. Let us pray and ask God to take control of what is coming. From now to the end of this year 2021 and beyond, there will be spiritual revolution to uproot unwanted grasses before the new Nigeria will surface. We are praying for our nation, Nigeria, and the year 2023. Because the year is a human being with many thorns on the head. This is a big parable.


This farmland has many trees. Some of these trees are receiving constant supply of nutrients while others have stopped receiving nutrients. All the big trees that have stopped receiving nutrients will soon start falling down. But there is one among them that "APC" is boldly written on it. This big tree is already shaking from the root. Is it about to fall or what? Well, let us pray so that this big tree will not fall before the year 2023. We are praying for Nigerian leaders. Because the falling of this tree will shake Africa as a whole. (Note: APC - All Progressives Congress)


We are praying for the body of Christ as a whole. One or two or three great fishers of men will not be able to continue their duty due to certain reasons beyond their control. Ordinarily, it is their desire to continue, but in this case, man proposes, but God disposes. What could those reasons be? May God help our religious leaders.


God loves Malawi as a nation. That is why He is repeating this warning again and again. The Government of Malawi should pray against the scarcity of the essentials of life. A mighty wind will come to blow away something precious to the citizens of Malawi. What is the solution? The solution is that Malawi should build a strong room for the essentials of life, which will be stronger that the wind that is coming. In other words, Malawi needs to return to God for wisdom and knowledge on how to deal with the coming sign. I see Zambia helping Malawi to fight that strange wind. There is nothing God cannot do. We are praying for Malawi as a nation.


The youths of South Africa are very angry. Are they angry with the Government or with their parents? That is a very big question that needs to be answered as soon as possible. They need to be called to the table for dialogue, because their next move will be too dangerous for the nation and for foreigners, because a strange being has occupied their heart. And only prayer can cast out that strange being, that evil man. They are planning and holding series of private meetings. Government of South Africa should see to the issues of their youths. I mean the solution to the problems in South Africa lies in the hands of those in power. Carry God along and then the wisdom to do the right thing will be more than enough. We are praying for South Africa as a nation.


God loves Zambia so much. Zambia lies in God's hands. But Zambia must go through the refinery. Don't forget that for gold to become pure, it has to go through refinery. The Messiah is coming. Our head needs prayer so that he will do the will of the people, not that of pressure from outside. We pray that the pressure will not overwhelm him. Remember he is a human being like you. Your present leader needs your prayers just as the entire nation needs our prayers.

------ There are other nations God has messages for, but we are servants; we have to follow instructions from God before releasing them.

As the Lord permits, we shall be releasing those messages or prophecies for other nations. God bless you all; God bless our nations; God bless the whole world. Elohim! Mighty God lives in us! (John 14:23)

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