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PENTECOST 2022 - exciting prospects for the coming years!

The ark, great rainy season, rainbow, Pentecost, the third biblical month, revival, crossing the Jordan, acacia wood and much more - what connects these terms? What meaning do they have for me and for you?

Rainy Season

In my home country of Namibia, we live from the large and small rainy season, just like the people in the Orient and Israel. We are not necessarily talking about the four seasons, but rather about the small and large rainy season, the cold season and the hot season. The seasons spring and summer or winter and autumn flow into each other.

When I was in elementary school, I consciously heard the story of Noah and the building of the ark. Since we were in the time of the heavy rains, it became more and more humid around noon. The clouds were building and everyone was waiting for the afternoon because we knew it was going to rain. I was afraid: "What if it were to rain here like it did in Noah's day. Only a small remnant of just people were saved. Will this happen again?" Then I read that God had made a covenant with Noah and sealed it with the rainbow. Later in life, God spoke to me about the ark and said that I should be able to sit in a similar ark. I was still very young in my faith and pushed it aside for now.

Rainy season 2021 and 2022 (Namibia)

During the past two years Namibia finally had good rain again. Especially in the central part of Namibia and in the south, the rain in 2021 was very heavy and now at the beginning of 2022, after 10 years, the rain finally came to the northern part of the country. Dams have flooded all over the country. The locks had to be opened again and again to prevent flooding in Mariental, where I was born, and in Keetmanshoop. The dry rivers have finally had water again and many have come to the mouth this year. The Swako river has deviated for the first time since 2011. What a joy, what a blessing for the country. Even in the desert, at Sossusvlei, there was water. I have only experienced this once in my life. It's a spectacular sight - water in front of the arid and highest dunes in the world. During the night the land was covered with fresh green plants and morning stars. A true wonder of nature. In the north of the country, the water lilies were in full bloom. When I was six years old, my father took us children to such a water field in Owamboland and we were allowed to pick some of the royal flowers for our mother on Mother's Day. God showed me that this rainy season in Namibia also has something to do with today's spiritual time.

The word "ARK" and its meanings

In German, when we hear the word ark, we always think of Noah's ark, but what does this word actually mean? So by the ark we mean a ship-like large box, Noah's lifeboat made of acacia wood. It is a place of protection, survival and comfort. I also adopted this thought for the picture "Jesus Ark" on my blog, but God has pointed out to me again and again that ARCHE has a greater meaning. Arche means in ancient Greek ἀρχή 'beginning, principle, origin', but also the primordial substance from which the world is said to have arisen. Archeology is thus the search for the origin and beginning. The word ark also leads me to the first word of the Bible: "In the beginning God created heaven and earth." (Genesis 1:1) The letters "ch" can also be spoken dialectally as "k", similar to what we see in the name Erich = Erik or in the word chemistry, which in some areas is called "Kemistry" and in others chemistry, but also "Shemistry". is pronounced. This makes it even clearer that the word Ark (arc) is also part of the word. In French Arche and in English ark we see the Latin word arcus/arca, translated arch. The word arch thus also refers to the archway, the rainbow, the arc of light, the arch of heaven, the canopy = protective roof, umbrella (umbrella as a protective roof), the rock arch, the passage arch or the bridge.

In Hanover, when I left the Christian school, I was given a large, colorfully striped rainbow umbrella with lots of blessings written on cardboard raindrops. In Namibia we find many examples of this arch: There is e.g. the Bogenfels and the transit arch on the way from Windhoek to the south before coming to Aris. In the past, people used to hunt with bows and arrows. The Bushmen of Namibia (San) can still use this weapon well today. The sickle for cutting the grain and the sickle of the moon also describe an arc. The heavens span like a great arch over our earth. The atmosphere (ancient Greek ἀτμός atmós, German 'steam', 'haze', 'breath' and σφαῖρα sphaira, German 'sphere'). The earth's atmosphere, i.e. the gaseous envelope of the earth. Offers us protection from the heat of the sun. Etymologically, the word ark /arc also comes from the Latin arca and means box, container or ark. This points us to various words such as: ark (coffin), ark, chest, chest, etc. I have also realized that when the Lord told me to get an ark, I should and am buying an "ark" for my car finally came to the conclusion that I should buy a trailer or a caravan for my car.

The Ark of the Covenant is a gilded chest made of acacia wood, which can be carried on two poles and is kept in the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle. It contains the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments, High Priest Aaron's flowering staff, and the presence of God. It symbolizes God's covenant with the people of Israel and was considered a sign of God's presence. King David saw it that way when he and all the house of Israel danced, sang and played on zithers, harps and drums, rattles and cymbals before the Lord with all their devotion (2 Sam. 6) They rejoiced that God was with them again was on their way. When Joshua was commissioned to cross the Jordan, the Ark of the Covenant was carried first with the Levites and the bearers later stood in the water while crossing the river with the Ark of the Covenant. Under the protection of the Ark of the Covenant (ark), i.e. in God’s presence, the people were able to safely reach the other shore.

So what does the ark mean for us today?

In many places people have been talking about the ark and the great renewal for years. As I said, even as a young girl I was fascinated by the story of Noah's Ark, the huge rescue ship / lifeboat made of acacia wood, and God showed me even then that the Ark and the remnant (Noah and his family) are important for me and the people in of the end times has a great meaning, but up to now I have not understood the deeper, spiritual meaning. In Namibia, the acacia wood is even sung about in the so-called Südwesterlied: "Our country is as hard as camel thorn wood..." The camel thorn is probably the best-known and most resilient shadow acacia that I know. The pods of the camel thorn are sickle-shaped. The ark of the end times, i.e. Jesus' ark, is a spiritual ark - it will lead us safely through the tribulation. We will have to move with her and leave the leadership entirely in the hands of our Heavenly Father. When they left Egypt, the Israelites followed the pillar of fire and cloud. Then, led by Joshua, they went after the Ark of the Covenant. Just as the Ark of the Covenant with God's presence, God's Ten Commandments and the staff of Aaron the High Priest went ahead of the Israelites, so spiritually felt Jesus' Ark will be filled with God's presence, the Ten Commandments and the staff of our High Priest, i.e. the Rod of Jesus, us pull ahead. It is important that we obediently, reverently go along and do exactly what we see the Father doing. Go when you have to go. Stand still when the task is done. The Holy Spirit reminds me of the passage in the Word just before Jonathan and his armor bearer attack the Philistines and they want to hear what the enemies are calling to them. (1 Sam 14:1-46)

In the last few years, but especially in the past few months, I have been able to experience more and more that God is in charge of everything. He brought me to other ambassadors of God who then served me as faith fathers or faith mothers, then he gave me assignments like: Go on a pilgrimage. I made a pilgrimage to the Lüneburg Heath in 2013. Since my husband was not on vacation, I planned to make the trip alone with my dog, but then my husband got unforeseen special leave two days before the pilgrimage. He was able to accompany me for the whole eight days. For Ascension Day I drove to my son in Neu-Isenburg. I felt that the Lord was going to reveal things to me in a very special way. It was awesome when I realized that my son had time to accompany me on my trip to southern Germany. We learned about the imperial era and said goodbye to two difficult years that we had experienced in southern Germany. A detailed travel report follows, but I would like to briefly mention the discovery of the travel chest (box, drawer, ark) in the museum in Löwengasse in Neu-Isenburg.

In the coming years it is important to always remain under the protection, the wings, the canopy of God and to move on under his arc, his glory. Noah's ark floated on the water and was protected by our God. At the end of the journey, God put the sign of the rainbow in the sky as a sign of the covenant. The arc is half a circle. It is not complete, just as a ring would not be complete if we only had half a ring. So the arc has to be seen more like a circle, like a shell that completely encloses something. For example, I see the rainbow as a ring (wedding ring) that God stretches around the entire earth. There was a fresh start for Noah and his family (the remnant) after days of crossing the waters. There was a new beginning for Joshua and the rest of the people after crossing the Jordan. A new life began for me after I was baptized in water. There was another new beginning for me, especially in the last few days and weeks, after I had crossed many rivers in Germany: Weser, Elbe, Rhine, Neckar, Main, Regnitz, Pegnitz, etc. I even floated over the Wupper, but I also crossed the Wupper over a bridge. On the other bank I came to Beer Sheva Street. Beer Sheva (Hebrew) means well of the oath or oath. For me, this was the sign of the renewal of the covenant. As we walked further we came to the new synagogue. This was a sign for me that God is building a new community, a new house with him. Yes, I can say that the new beginning took place in the third month of the biblical or God's calendar. In the third month, the month of Sivan, a lot has always happened:

  • The people of Israel reach the desert of Sinai (Exodus 19:1)

  • The people of Israel were asked to meet God at Mount Sinai. But they were very afraid of the thunder and the voice of God.

  • The commandments were given to Moses and the Israelites.

  • The Israelites celebrate Shavuot (the festival of weeks and thanksgiving). It takes place 50 days after Passover and is known to us as Pentecost or Pentecost (50 days).

  • The 120 followers are baptized with the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2) and the proclamation of the coming kingdom and the salvation of Jesus Christ - the way to eternal life begins with the sending out of the apostles like the 12 chosen ones Peter, John, Thomas (India), Paul etc.), but also the female ones Ambassadors such as u.v.a. Marie Magdalene (France) and the woman at Jacob's well, who received the name Photina = gr. the enlightened one at her baptism and finally converted in Carthage (Tunisia) and proclaimed the gospel.

  • Thanks to Queen Esther, Hamann's plan (an image of the Antichrist) is foiled and Mordecai, Ester's cousin, is able to warn the Jews of the impending danger and Hama's plan is foiled.

  • The rains at the time of the ark stopped on the 27th of the third month (it began on the 17th of the second month) and the water stayed on the earth for another 150 days, that is, until Sukkot.

We can look forward to the coming three summer months in the northern hemisphere, because summer (Hebrew kayitz) means to bear fruit or to be fruitful. The parable of Jesus of the fig tree falls into the coming time. It is the parable designed to draw our attention to the kingdom of God that is soon to come. (Luke 21:29-36). The time of revival has begun in the Northern Hemisphere; the southern revival is coming soon. HalleluYAH.

The time of grace has ended: now, like Joshua and the remnant of the people, obediently and without grumbling, without repeating the old mistakes, it is time to go forward and under the umbrella of the care of the Most High under the guidance of Jesus our King and high priests to march through the time of trouble. Let's look to Jesus. Let us look at the cross made out acacia wood and follow it on the path of truth into eternity.

„Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.“ (Josua 1:9)

„I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.“ (Phil 4:13)

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