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The goal in mind - are you ready to fight? (Part 1)

My child, become calm - calm in Me. The strenght is to be found in serenity, in everything you do, keep My #love. Take a deep breath - inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Think about inhaling and exhaling during childbirth.

Rapid and hectic inhalation causes stress. Think of a race, you can't go the distance when you overexert yourself or ignore the pace.

- Keep the rhythm. - Breathe evenly and deeply. - Focus on the goal. - Keep your pace. - Have the goal in mind. - Stay on your path and follow my path. - Watch out for stumbling blocks. - Avoid mistakes.

I'm by your side and I'll pick you up in case you falter. I'll show you the way - follow me. I carry you when you can no longer.

Do not give up. Trust me and wait for my intervention.

Put all your #hope on Me I will give you what your heart desires.

Refrain from anger and let go of anger, do not be indignant that you are not doing wrong. #Command Me your ways and hope in me, I will make it good and will bring up your righteousness like light and your righteousness like noon. #Have my intervention.

#Belief - #love - #hope - they belong together like the amen in the church. Be blessed, your Yeshua haMashiach


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