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SOON - NOW - AT THIS MOMENT - Message from our Heavenly Father (8/11/2022)

This message was delivered to Margit Kresin, a prophetic messenger of Jesus Christ. She was called by God in 2007 as a messenger and keeper of God. She hopes that our Savior Jesus Christ will return soon.

This morning, August 11, 2022, in the 5th month (AB) in the biblical calendar, Margit our heavenly ABBA (FATHER) dictated the following letter at around six o'clock.

May this message from God richly bless you, dear reader. Grace, mercy, peace be upon you from God our Father and Christ Jesus our Lord! Yours Margit Kresin


My child!

You have heard these time expressions often and certainly enough:


Jesus is coming soon! - Now is the time! - You will also find these time references in my or Jesus' messages on this BLOG.

The words SOON - NOW - NOW all point to upcoming events in the not too distant future. However, remember, my child, that my time is a different time from your "time on earth". Your time is in my hands.

My beloved child, I knew you before I prepared or formed you in the womb. (Jeremiah 1:5) I sent each of my children to earth with a mission. I know each of my children and accompany all my children on their way in this short human life up to their death. You are still connected to me by my invisible umbilical cord. Unfortunately, many of my children have renounced me, but they can STILL be reconnected with me through conversion and repentance.

However, your death or, to put it another way, your demise from this life on earth does not mean the end. Yes, death is not the end, because eternal life awaits you in my presence. Jesus, who died on the cross, was the first of the resurrected. He has received a new immortal body. He has gone before you and you too will rise again after your death. After that I will judge you according to your works. Everyone will be judged - everyone.

Jesus is coming SOON!

At that time, Jesus promised his followers: "I am coming SOON!" - Now more than 2000 years have passed and many are wondering: "When? When is SOON? When is Jesus coming?" It's like giving birth. The parents are waiting and asking again and again: "When is the time? When is our child due?"

Time of trouble /tribulation

After a certain time, a time of waiting and persevering, the time has finally come. The time in secret, in the mother's shelter, is coming to an end. The long-awaited child makes its way down the birth canal. This is where it gets tighter and more painful at first. mother and child suffer. The child is pressed from all sides; it is going through a time of trouble. The mother has to push and the father can only stand by her side and accompany her on this path of suffering and offer her protection. It's a time of feeling constrained and oppressed; it is a time when pain and joy are close together. Now it's time to persevere and persevere. There is no more escape. When the birth is over, peace and joy sets in.

Hold on!

Jesus is coming SOON. As? When? What awaits you in the near future? Jesus' coming is like a birth, and just like a birth, a time of trouble awaits you. You are being pressured from all sides and you would like to run away. You would also like to take paths that seem easier. Do not do it! But the NEW, the second coming of Jesus, must be born and there is no escape. You have to persevere. You will be in pain; you will suffer; you will be harassed. Hold on! Look at the cross. Jesus suffered on the cross for you. In this way he conquered death and Satan. Are you willing to suffer for Jesus too? Are you ready to bear your cross? Only in this way can the return of Jesus be provoked.

A new era is dawning!

Have you prepared for birth or rebirth, Jesus' second coming? "The end of all things is near. So be watchful and control yourselves. Then you may pray." (1 Peter 4:7) A new era is dawning! A time with Jesus as King of kings in his new kingdom is about to begin. Share your home hospitably with others who need food or a place to sleep. (1 Peter 4:9), live according to My will, follow My commandments and instructions. "I have given each of you gifts with which you should serve one another. Use them well so that it becomes visible how diverse My grace is." (1 Peter 4:10) "Put away all arrogance in your dealings with one another. I will oppose the proud, but will show grace to the humble." (1.Peter5,5) "Be level-headed and watchful and always be prepared for an attack by the devil, your enemy!" (1 Peter 5:8a)

Consolation and Promises

Dear child, I will stand by your side I give you my hand and comfort you.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. (Jos 1,9)
  • Listen to my voice Listen to the Holy Spirit!

  • Trust in Me. I am the Lord your God. rely on the Lord and do what is right; then you stay in the country and dwell in safety. let me lead your life and trust in me, so I will accomplish it. (Ps 37, 3.5)

  • I will support you.

  • I will protect you and take care of you (Ps 91)

  • The righteous (God fearing) will inherit the land and dwell in it forever. (Ps 37,29)

  • The salvation of the righteous is from the LORD; he is their refuge in the time of trouble. (Ps 37,39)

  • I will help you and save you from ungodly people. I save the godly because they look to Me for protection. (Ps 37,40)

More consolation

  • Jesus defeated the enemy, the adversary, Satan and death on the cross.

  • Jesus died on the cross for your sins; with his death, with his suffering, he has paid all guilt for you.

  • Jesus washed you clean from all guilt with his holy blood; he saved you.

  • Jesus rose from the dead first; you too will rise from the dead after your death and together with Jesus you will live happily and without enemies in his new kingdom.


  • Confess your sins (guilt).

  • Follow Jesus: He is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. (Joh 14,6)

  • Make your way to Me, your Eternal Father. Think of the story of the prodigal son. (Luke 15,11-32) I will welcome you with open arms.

  • Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him and he in God (1. John 4,15)

Dear child, feel hugged I bless you and I am waiting for you.

Your loving Abba

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. (John 3,16)


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