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The King is coming! - Prayer (according to Psalm 24)

To you, my GOD YHWH, belongs the whole world and all that lives on it.

You have founded the earth above the seas and fortified it above the rivers.

Who may climb your mountain?

Who may stand in your holy place, in your sanctuary?

Only the people who have not burdened themselves with guilt;

only those who have a pure heart,

may come before you.

Am I without guilt? - Do I have a pure heart?

Through my Saviour Jesus Christ, who suffered for me, was crucified,

I am absolved of all sin and guilt.

Only through Jesus (Yeshua) death on the cross am I free of all guilt

and purified with his precious blood.

O LORD my God YHWH, forgive me my trespasses in Jesus name

and cleanse my heart with his blood, as I forgive those who trespass against me.

Great GOD, merciful Father, do not let me be deceived,

but let me seek the truth and stick to reality.

In this way, I will receive your blessing.

You will give me the justice of my salvation.

We ask for you. - We seek you. -

We want to have fellowship with you.

We are your people.

We are the successors of Yeshua, the Anointed Saviour and King.

Open the doors and gates wide,

the Lord of glory is coming.

Jesus, the Saviour of all the world wants to enter our open doors,

into our open hearts.

The Saviour of the world brings salvation and life.

He is the strong and powerful one.

Jesus is our hero in the fight against our enemy!

He is the Lord of the heavenly hosts

And king of the glory of God.

I want to lift up my head and go to Jesus.

I look forward to his return.

My heart beats fast,

it cheers and sings with joyful excitement.

I thank you my GOD,

for your Son, my Saviour and Redeemer.

I praise my GOD,

my creator rich of advice.

You - my GOD, my eternal Father,

you sent your son Yeshua to us,

so that we can finally become free.

Jesus alone is the reason for our purified heart.

He has made us just and holy,

so that we may enter into your holiness and into your sanctuary.

Blessed be Yeshua our bridegroom and brother.

Thank GOD YHWH for the blessing of your salvation.

Thank ABBA that through Jesus we may be your children again.

Blessed be our heavenly and eternal Father.

Blessed be His Son Yeshua.

Blessed be the Holy Spirit,

forever and ever.




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