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Gina's healing miracle

Gina R. wrote:

"It was officially known since 2000 that I had MS. I had a lot of walking and speaking restrictions and I was fighting the constant fatigue.


In the summer I often had to walk on the rollator. In 2010, against the medical advice of the neurologist, I flew on a mission to Tanzania. Despite the tough demands I felt very well, even without walking aids.


A baptism took place in "Maasai Land". After that I was prayed for.


I experienced a great healing miracle. Since then, my MS has stopped and I no longer have any disabilities. I am very fit again. That healing came from God. Only He can miraculously heal us in this way.


Since then I have been to Tanzania five times and now have a lot of friends among the Maasai. "

Ginas Wunder: Text
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