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Margits Heilung
Margit's healing

In 2012 I was prayed intensely for me. I felt depressed and constricted. Too much had happened in my life and I needed deliverance and healing prayer.
Thanks be to the Lord for the wonderful healing. I was allowed to step out of a dark depth into the joy and light of God.

Praying Together
Margit's experienced miracles
Sauberes Wasser

In 2013, the little stream that flows near our house polluted. The big salmon were floating dead on top of the water. God showed me in pictures that I should take a large branch and use it to descend to the bank. Then I should hit the water three times with the 3m long branch. It was not easy to get caught because the bank was very slippery and sloping.

On the same day, the fire brigade pumped water from the stream and then added it freshly again. This should help build up oxygen levels. After a few days the stream was clear again and nature slowly recovered. Praise be to our Almighty God.


7 - 9 - 12 storks

The LORD asked me to go outside to meet the King where the laundry is being washed and tumbled. No, I should not look for Ahaz, but our King Jesus, who, as was customary at the time of year (at harvest time) for the kings of Judah and Israel, was walking in the fields with the workers to see what was going on and with them Subjects started talking.


I didn't quite understand the task, but took my husband and dog into the fields and came to a place where a small bridge crossed the stream near us. There was a wonderful sight. There were SEVEN storks standing there, ready to take off. Two more followed. So in the end there were NINE pieces.


The next day, we saw a total of TWELVE storks on the industrial buildings and the windmill nearby. They were all ready to take off.


For me, this incident had great prophetic significance.


Isa. 7.3: "Go out to meet Ahaz, you and your son Shear-Jashub, to the end of the water pipe of the upper pond, on the road by the Walker's field"

White dove 4/4/2020

Again I got the scripture from Isaiah 7: 9:

"The LORD gave the prophet Isaiah the order:" Go with your son Shear-Jashub (›A remnant turns back‹) to meet King Ahaz. You will find him at the end of the water pipe that comes from the upper pond, on the road to the field where the drapers bleach their fabrics. "(Hfa)


I thought about where I should go this time and then my husband remembered that exactly today (April 4th, 2020) 75 years ago, the bridge of the waterway crossing (Weser and Mittelland Canal) had been blown up. So we went there and found this white pigeon there. - for me a sign of the Holy Spirit.


After a good quarter of an hour, she flew away towards the industrial area. We looked around there and found a shower for decontamination, among other things.


What was the King of Kings trying to tell me? My friend and I came to the conclusion that this had to be about cleansing with Jesus' blood, not chemicals.

Weiße Taube

On 9 May 2020 my husband and I went on a short bike tour. After 42 km I was exhausted and we walked next to the bike for a while. When I got on my bike again, I fell unhappy, but except for a few scratches, a cracked chin, a small concussion and a few bruises, I was saved. I could get up and walk again. Thank God!

Bike tour with obstacles

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