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Miracles, healings, signs

Solar eclipse

"There are still signs and miracles happening!" Is a common saying, but is this really still the case today? Aren't signs, miracles and healings just small surprises in our everyday lives?


Originally one meant with these words huge events with which God personally intervened in the course of nature and history. Does God Still Do Miracles? Does God still reveal Himself today just as He revealed Himself to His people Israel? The exodus from Egypt was driven by great miracles and signs. There were the ten plagues. God spared His people. The greatest miracle of that time is certainly the breakthrough on the Red Sea. The defenseless slave people of Israel succeed in exodus with God's help. The Egyptians, who were one of the greatest powers, have to watch as Israel flees through the Red Sea with dry feet at low tide. The Egyptians' horses and chariots sink deep into the soft seabed during the chase. The rest is done by the flood, which started at an inopportune time.


Jesus, the Son of God, performed many signs, miracles and also healings to show God's omnipotence. The miracles of Jesus, as reported in Matthew, Mark and Luke, correspond completely to the Old Testament models, surpass and surpass them and take up a large part in the life of Jesus, but Jesus himself deals with these miracles very discreetly. The miracles always point to the omnipotence of God.


Are there any miracles, signs or healings now? The question must be answered with a resounding YES. Even today God wants to testify to his omnipotence. He wants to heal us and He wants to show us that He is with us through the Holy Spirit.


Have you already experienced miracles or healings? Why don't you just write to us. So you can be a testimony to our Almighty God.


On the following pages you will find healings and miracles experienced by Margit and Gina .

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