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I stay tuned!

You are many years now

already on the way with me.

There were many ups and downs;

once you went to the left

when i said go right

When I said: "Stop! stop!"

you kept walking on the crooked paths.

But you gave me your life -

you promised to serve me

And I'm sticking with it, I'm sticking with it.


Often you have put yourself in an impossible position –

You ran in circles and couldn't get out.

You didn't see the way out;

It grew dark around you.

Your hope seemed to be fading.

Somewhere you saw light again.

At some point you heard my voice again.

You didn't know you were left alone.

My promise is for all time:

I'm sticking with it, I'm sticking with it.


You are my much beloved child.

You went your own way

got lost and got lost.

"Turn back, repent!",

I call to you.


You are mine.

I won't let go of you.

I'll stick with you, I'll stick with you

Margit Kresin 2020 ©

African lions
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