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God loves you! - Do you think so?

God of love! God is love!

I've known this to be true for me since I was a child, but like many of you, I've gone astray or failed to follow the commands of Jesus. One of the commissions includes this video: God loves you! - Do you believe that?

I was able to experience how our God always taught me something new. In 2007 he called me into ministry. I attended a foundation course in theology and began preaching soon after. But then God began to work on my spiritual healing. This was a lengthy process and took several years. Many years later I wrote my first book "Gott liebt dich". Even if I didn't succeed, writing helped me to get closer to God and to understand him better. Three years later, our Lord encouraged me to try blogging. I really enjoyed it. I received weekly prophetic messages or experienced things with Jesus on the way that I could report on. But now, after seven years of training in God's school of faith, the Lord asked me to post videos in order to convey my experiences with Him to people and to train others. Jesus had taught his disciples to pass what they had learned on to others and so he did to me and many others, as I have now learned.

Those chosen by God were led through the Bible by the Holy Spirit. Later we attended various prophetic schools (mostly online). Together we dealt with topics such as biblical and prophetic symbols, we got to know the connections between the exodus from Egypt and the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel. We learned to carry the message of the coming kingdom. Looking back over the past few years, I can only say with gratitude that I have been given deep and wonderful insights into God's kingdom. But now the time has begun when I, like every disciple, should also pass on what I have learned. Jesus asked me to start an online school.

I hesitated for a long time because I didn't trust myself to do this. I didn't know how to do this either. But Jesus did not give up. "You must start teaching now. You are one of my teachers, so go ahead and start." So I decided to set up a YouTube channel. I watched a lot of explanation videos and learned step by step how to do YouTube, how to set up a studio and how to write scripts. I tried again and again, sometimes I didn't like the background, sometimes I made so many mistakes that even cutting and reassembling the videos didn't promise success. When I finally fell ill with Covid 19 at the beginning of this year, I didn't want to film anymore and cleared everything away. But Jesus kept at it and in the end I started all over again. I was re-establishing the studio, but I was still always looking for new excuses why I couldn't start filming.

Eventually, however, there were no more excuses and I started the first video. Then it was back to cutting and assembling. This time everything was easier with God's help. Well, and a few days ago was the premiere. The first film is out. From now on it can only get better.

One question remains: should I speak in English and offer German subtitles or should I speak in German and offer English subtitles like in the video below? I look forward to your feedback.


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