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I, YAHWEH, your God, am with you

In everything you do

In everything, you say, the LORD your God is with you,

He is always with you

Nothing and nobody can separate you

From His love and mercy.

Commend your ways to the LORD,

And trust in Him, He will accomplish it.

Nothing and no one can harm you

For "YOU ARE MINE," says the LORD your God.

You were bought with a price.

I paid with the sacrificial death of my son,

Jesus Christ, your Lord.

Trust silently. Wait on the LORD and wait for His intervention.

Yes, He will make righteousness rise like the light..

You are mine.

You can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you..

Stay under the umbrella (of protection) of the Highest.

He is your refuge and your refuge.

He will cover you under his wing.

You do not have to be afraid

From the horrors of the night,

Of the arrow that flies by day

Of the plague that lurks in the dark,

Of the plague that spoils at noon.

You will see it with your own eyes

And see the wicked being repaid.

I am your God forever and ever.

It is I who gird you with strength

And makes your way blameless.

I am your light and your salvation,

I am the power of your life.

Wait for YAHWEH your LORD,

Be strong and let your heart take courage.

The word of the LORD is true

And all his doing is faithfulness.

Praise the LORD always,

His praise shall always be in your mouth.

Exalt the Lord

And exalt His holy name.

When you were looking for me

I answered you

And saved you from all your fears and troubles.

I, YAHWEH your God, am with you.

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