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On the way in the name of Jesus - Part 1

Christian Prophetic Voyages of Discovery

Pilgrimage 2013 and journey to Pentecost 2022

Traveling has always been an important part of my life, mostly just to get to know something new. But now it's about the goals that Jesus gives me to steer and "take". The train stations, the city gates, the watchtowers are the entrances to a place. Together with Jesus we (my company and I) slowly but surely take over the country.

I have moved a lot in my life and now looking back I can say that it has always been God's purpose that I am a restless wanderer. Abraham was also sent into various rebuttals with his wife Sarah. So they too took over the country. We find something similar with Jacob, Joseph, etc. Even Jesus came to different places. Nazareth, Bethlehem, Egypt, Nazareth, Jerusalem, etc. before his ministry really began. God seems to send out his men and women to get to know the land and to conquer it for Him through prayer.

In 2013 my husband and I made a pilgrimage from Soltau to Eschede - once across the Lüneburg Heath. Eschede made me think of how short life can be, because we were reminded everywhere of the big ICE train accident on June 3rd, 1998 in the Federal Republic with 101 dead and 105 injured. The pilgrimage with a backpack was very hot and exhausting, but I was seized again by the travel fever and new courage to live. I no longer just wanted to travel to South Africa to my parents, I wanted to discover Germany and Europe.

A few years later I went to Paris with my son, discovered Cologne and Berlin with my daughter, we spent time at Chiemsee, but we also went to Düsseldorf and Hamburg. Everyone would say, Margit, you simply enjoy life, but Jesus now explained to me that I should travel and conquer the country (Germany) and Europe for him back then. I should also discover something about the story of Mary of Magdala in Paris, for example.

At Pentecost 2022 my son and I went to Nuremberg and Fürth. We visited the Kaiserburg, learned some history from the Kaiserzeit, about the two rivers Pegnitz and Rednitz and especially would like to visit Nuremberg again. After we had discovered something new, Jesus led us directly to Öhringen, where I had worked as a teacher for two years. I knew this was a strange ride. I was asked to shed the past and leave it behind. In order to get everything over with we moved as quickly as possible, we continued to Untergimpern, Neckarbischofheim, Bargen, Waibstadt and Sinsheim. We had lived here for two years, the children were at school here and the memories of that time opened old wounds. We quickly drove through the towns, took a few photos and then drove on to Heidelberg.

For me, Heidelberg stands for something new, but also for a time of healing. I had a small stroke in 2004 and was able to recover wonderfully from it here. Now Heidelberg was like a gateway to the world again. After a detour to the top of the castle, my son and I crossed the Neckar and then ate a typical local meal from the area: Maultaschen.

Later we went on to Neu-Isenburg, where we stayed overnight. The next day we took a boat across the Main and looked at Frankfurt's skyline. Nuremberg and Frankfurt had experienced similar strokes of fate during the Second World War, but the structure of the cities developed very different - on the one hand, the old was preserved or restored and on the other hand, completely redesigned. Exciting.

You can find more about what I found and was able to discover in Neu-Isenburg in the following articles:

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Pictures from the Lüneburg Heath, Neu-Isenburg, Nuremberg at the Pegnitz River, Heidelberg at the Neckar River, Frankfurt at the Main River


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